Committed to creating a better environment through industry leading services

Australian Wetlands Landscapes is an award winning environmental landscape construction company committed to creating a better environment through innovation and best practice in construction, ecological restoration and natural resource management. We specialise in environmentally focused projects for local and state government, industry and private sectors.

Landscape Construction

We offer full commercial landscape construction services including commercial areas, streetscapes and open space and have completed works for a range of clients throughout SE QLD. Construction works are led by Steve Moore, a licensed landscaper with over 25 years industry experience.

Stormwater, wastewater, creeks, estuaries

Australian Wetlands has been a leader in the stormwater and wastewater industry for twenty years and offer an integrated design and construction service for stormwater devices, creek and waterway restoration, wetland and lake projects. Design and construction projects are completed in collaboration with Australian Wetlands Consulting (AWC) and Damian McCann is Director of Australian Wetlands Landscapes and AWC, ensuring strong integration of good science and construction outcomes on ground.


Our services are strongly grounded in ecological expertise to ensure site sensitive on ground works. We specialise in working in constrained sites including native forests, estuaries, coastal wetlands, waterways and fauna habitat. Ecological services include vegetation and weed management, ecological restoration, habitat creation (including wetlands, saltmarsh, mangrove forest, waterways, native forests), monitoring and reporting and liaison with government agencies.


Asset maintenance is a key component of our service to clients and we are always looking for ways to reduce maintenance burden and reduce risk and costs associated with management of assets such as stormwater devices, parks and natural areas. Through superior management systems we can take a whole of project approach to asset maintenance as well as associated tasks including rectification, compliance audits and reporting.