Revegetation Works North Pine Dam “Heathwoods”

Project Description

The Heathwoods property is found at the end of Whiteside Road (West) at North Pine Dam. The land is owned by Seqwater.  Part of the lake which buffers the land is important for protecting water quality and is also mapped by DERM as high value koala habitat.

Heathwoods has been nominated as a koala habitat enhancement site by Seqwater as part of the Koala Nature Refuge Agreement with DERM. An area of 14 ha has been planted with canopy tree species from the existing regional ecosystems 12.11.5, 12.11.14 and 12.12.12.

Service Provided

  • Site preparation
  • Weed control
  • Plant establishment
  • Monitoring and reporting

Project Information

Year: April – June 2012
Client: SEQ Water
Value of Works Portion: $60,000