Project Description

Innovative and sustainable methodologies were developed and applied in response to the parks limited accessibility for machinery and the requirement to retain and treat sediment on site.

AWLQ used a small dredge to pump sediment from habitat ponds into geotextile sediment bags.The sediment was ameliorated and contained whilst  forming terraces to adjacent exposed batters. A vertical bio-­filtration system was built in the Top Dam to filter water pumped from the lower Ring Dam. Filtered water returns to the Ring dam via an attractive creek.

Service Provided

  • Sediment removal, amelioration & containment
  • Construct bio-­filtration system
  • Install pumping and reticulation system
  • Creek formation and improvement
  • Improve aesthetics and habitat value

WATCH VIDEO HERE to see an example of the work we do at Australian Wetlands.

Project Information

Year: Apr 2014 – Dec 2014
Client: Department of National Parks Qld
Value of Works Portion: $310,000